I know what you're thinking. Little tiny evil robots.

That's half right.

Nanotechnology is more like tiny medical instruments than tiny machines. It does stuff like pass medicine to your cells and fix microscopic cracks on your car paint job.

Things are always getting smaller, and Nanotech is an exciting step forward. But it's a risky one that needs to be tested over and over before we start using it.

We don't need to stop it totally, but don't let it by with a free pass either.

Nanomachine Graphics

What The Heck is That "Nano Stuff"?

That "nano stuff" is a bunch of stuff crazy scientist people work on, called Nanotechnology. Nanotech is essentialy whenever egineers make teensy tiny little machines and instruments at the atomic level. Think of it as tiny little basic machines and structures that can help out at such a small size. It's less tiny robots and more tiny pipes and wrenches.

Why Do People Create Nanotech?

Because it's super awesome! Seriously, there are some mega benefits to it, like any technology. Companies have already used nanotech to make things like self-healing and self-cleaning surfaces, and aside from that scientists have also created structures and other tools out of atoms at the nano scale. There's hope that those kinds of tools could be used to perform things such as injections and repairs at the cellular level, which could greatly advance medicine if it works out.

So Nanotech is Perfectly Awesome!?

Negative cap'n. Whenever machines and tools are that small, then bad things can happen...