I know what you're thinking. Little tiny evil robots.

That's half right.

Nanotechnology is more like tiny medical instruments than tiny machines. It does stuff like pass medicine to your cells and fix microscopic cracks on your car paint job.

Things are always getting smaller, and Nanotech is an exciting step forward. But it's a risky one that needs to be tested over and over before we start using it.

We don't need to stop it totally, but don't let it by with a free pass either.

Nanomachine Graphics

Bad Brains

The biggest reason for us to stop and think before supporting nanotech is what it can do to our brains. Whenever something is at the nano scale, it doesn't follow the normal rules. Inhaling nanoparticles can be deadly, since they can bypass the normal air track and go directly to the blood vessels and brain. That's a bad thing.

Expensive Nanodollars

It's not as scary as brain damage, but there's another problem with nanotech. It's expensive. This is a part of any new technology, but it's especially true with nanotech. The expenses that go into buying this tiny, valuable equipment gets transferred to you in some form or fashion. Increasing usage of nanotech could also lead to more financial issues for companies that use it. Hopefully they won't ask for a bailout when the venture gets risky...

If you're curious about the disadvantages with a little more detail, then stop by this page of nanogloss.com to read more.

Cheap, Easy, Nuclear Supplies.

One of the scariest downsides of Nanotech is that it's at the atomic scale. It's still not cheap, but it's way easier and cheaper than previous methods that shady individuals have used to acquire atomic supplies. Nanotech could be used pretty easily to fashion nuclear devices by organizations with the right resources. This could make the nuclear worries far greater than just what Iran may or may not be up to.