I know what you're thinking. Little tiny evil robots.

That's half right.

Nanotechnology is more like tiny medical instruments than tiny machines. It does stuff like pass medicine to your cells and fix microscopic cracks on your car paint job.

Things are always getting smaller, and Nanotech is an exciting step forward. But it's a risky one that needs to be tested over and over before we start using it.

We don't need to stop it totally, but don't let it by with a free pass either.

Nanomachine Graphics

We Know Nothing

The best part about nanotech? It doesn't make any sense. Whatsoever. When things are reduced to the nano scale, they don't behave the way science says they would. Scientists have to relearn everything in the nanoscale. Not an easy thing to do.


Companies every where are using nano particles in some way to enhance their products and earn a corporate buck. Luckily, those products don't always inform you of that. Even with the "strict" regulations companies are supposed to follow for nanotech, the chance for these materials to pass directly from our blood and into our brain is ridiculous. The potential for a mass epidemic is there.

Nanotoxicology is the growing study of these side effects, and you find more on it at wikipedia.